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Introducing On-Chain Neural Networks (ONN), Off-Chain Computation and Machine Learning into EVM-Compatible Chains

Deeplink is an Ethereum-based deep-learning protocol that allows blockchains to maintain On-chain Neural Networks (ONN) while introducing programmability, machine learning, and data science into blockchains. Other Ethereum or EVM-compatible chains and protocols can use on-chain neural networks and ONN agents to improve efficiency, on-chain execution capabilities and security.

Deeplink wants to make blockchains smarter while maintaining decentralisation and security. It will be the first of its kind, offering on-chain neural networks and dev-ops for many on-chain applications. With an SDK, developers can integrate powerful deep-learning tools on-chain into their smart contracts, providing the perks of deep learning without relying on centralised authority, and making their products smarter and safer.


Eta X

An open-source initiative to build an agnostic price discovery engine, smart order router, and aggregator framework for decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and DeFi liquidity sources.


A cryptographically enforced system of contracts that uses on-chain computational agents to discover efficient trading routes and liquidity sources, providing economic fairness, transparency, and efficiency in the world's emerging markets.


A cluster represents a specific use case or ecosystem within the crypto-space, grouping smart contracts, wallets, or both, with off-chain environments tailored to various tasks or automation.


DKeeper is an ERC-721 NFT that acts as a pass to Deeplink DAO to manage projects, proposals, and governance purposes, with DKeeper holders being Cluster Keepers and having access to multiple functions in the Deeplink ecosystem.


The Beer Game is a proof of concept for Deeplink's core vision of combining off-chain machine learning into on-chain environments, demonstrating an intelligent on-chain agent and investigating the viability of integrating machine learning models with smart contract execution.


A network of programs that aggregates market intelligence, market volatility, and crypto asset price feeds into condensed data, providing general purpose and intelligent insight data feeds into the on-chain environment.

Main Contributors


Get Involved in Research

Verified contributors are individuals or entities with a vested interest within a public DAO. They are responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing tasks for decentralized projects. 

They also enhance remote work flexibility by removing specific obstacles from centralized companies, innovate the workplace with decentralized concepts, and are especially helpful to open-source projects.

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Deeplink assests 22_edited.webp

Available positions

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