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Deeplink v1 



Represents a use case that a user can define. It has a data, off-chain component, or off-chain connectivity

A cluster is a group of smart contracts, a group of wallets, or a group of both smart contracts and wallets. Finally, a cluster represents an industry or a task to facilitate a use case in an environment.   

To quickly explain the idea of a cluster, it can be similar to a retail company. There are various departments to help the customers and designate order processing, inventory, logistics, and after-sale customer service. Those departments have people working on different tasks. In this illustration, the departments are the clusters, and those people in every department are smart contracts or wallets. 

There will be different off-chain environments in Deeplink Clusters for various tasks or automation. Developers, protocols, or even users can take advantage of the characteristics and capabilities of these clusters. These are where the individuals or entities can depend upon their needs. 

Deeplink has five current clusters: Asset Management Cluster; Algos and Automation Cluster; Data Query Clusters; Analytics and Prediction Cluster; and Liquidity Aggregation Cluster.

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