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November 2022



  • Kerven is finishing the formatting of Research Pages.

  • Leslie reached out to possible early supporters for the launching of Deeplink

  • Sprint: Operations team will make the accomplishment report visible to the public via website. 


  • Kat’s updates: Website is already up and polishing contents and links

  • Leslie and Kat writing Superclusters and Scaled

  • Jack has written about clusters.

  • For Dkeepers, Gavin’s article was used.

  • Jack is chatting with Jan from SingularityNet negotiating different things. With Sergey, we need to do certain things.

Singularity Net Workshop


  • Deeplink Standup

  • Ashton will review because some of the content he will update.

  • Ashton will use a similar template as GDA.

    • Documentation 1 - make a list of all pages with titles and links. We need to add the date as well. Should be done in all publications in Wix and Medium. Everything. Everything that lives in Wix and the knowledge base. Ashton will create the page, someone will add the date  and someone will migrate the date and links on the template.

  • For the landing page, this will be focused on tomorrow. Once we have the description we will move to the individual page. Got the table, then the actual text for the job role. And will remove things that we won’t need.

    • These have 3 pages. 1. Job landing page 2. Individual job page and 3. Live apply page. 

  • Ashton will make a template for technologies.

  • We will have  a small landing page for deeplin version 1.

  • Combine Gavin and Keegan’s work for Scaled Innovation, distributed engineering

    • Once finished, send it to Ashton to check.

  • 1. The R&D Landing Page | Kerven 2. 

  • Mauro will need to edit the page first then Ashton will make the URL


  • Deeplink Retrospective & Weekly Sprint Planning

  • Jack is still mining. We just need a fair bit just for the training and if we ever run forever, we need more again. We need 32 Eth for initial deposit. 

  • Jack said he needs to update some stuff on the Wix, he’s also writing up a doc of notes for the frontend. The remaining challenge would be goerlieth

  • Mauro said he checked that ngrok API is working properly. He thinks everything is done on front-end BeerGame including Jack's suggestion and updated API URL.

  • Jack will also have a follow up project in mind that can take what he’ve learned doing this and make something more useful using the same methodology, will share that idea once this current project is stable and he's fleshed that idea out a bit more as a reminder the whole point of this thing was to create a methodology for making DRL agents that act on-chain, he actually think that that was accomplished, and he has a good idea for taking that concept into a useful use-case ties into Eta X prototyping.


  •  Recruitment Sprint: Ishtiyaq and Kathleen Ragos

  • Recruitment Sprint: Webflow Dev_ Maksim/Ashton

  • Jack will broadcast the data in a local host and then ngrok takes that local host and forwards it to one of her servers. He said that Andrew raised some points like adding minor security tools like authentication.

  • Jack set the limit a quarter of the last block's gas limit. Gas price set at two times of the gas fees that you grab from the thing.

  • Mauro is done with the frontend and will upload it in IPFS.

  • Jack will try to get the API tonight or tomorrow.

  • SingularityNet will want to press release and they want to include Deeplink.

  • Sergey suggested converting the live data to a graph.


  • Jack managed to middle round between speed and gas fees that’s why the backend is so close to finishing. Just doing a bit of final testing right now. 

  • Jack is very close to finishing the backend and tomorrow it is scheduled to be hosted in AWS EC2 with Jay, with devops work probably being quick to finish tomorrow.

  • Temporary API is currently not up right now.  

  • Mauro completed animation for transitions, and time stamp for the transactions, and about to be published- waiting for it to be shared to Ashton for final feedback. Design works also needed for the remaining 24-30hrs before 17th launch, taking into account the 23rd due date for R&D DAO (Frontend and Backend).


  • Deeplink Retrospective & Weekly Sprint Planning


  • Updates from Operations: 

    • Leslie doing the medium, Kerven doing the Wix, Kat is not yet done with gitbook.

    • We don’t have a server yet.

    • We already have a community strategist.

    • We also have a database for ambassador lists.

  • Methodology will be the last thing that Jack will do. He will focus on functionally working.

  • The documentation of the beer games is the last thing that they will do. 

  • White paper will be done in a day or two.

  • Jack made progress with API. He figured out how it works with localhost and it should be ready pretty soon.

    • He’s done writing for the variables.

  • Jack is looking for how to prompt the smart contract to do things with web3.

  • Mauro is focusing on the beer game. The functionalities will be completed tomorrow morning.


  • Sprint: Jay/Mauro/Andrew/Jay


  • The website will be put up after the beer game

  • Mauro created the DAO structure in Miro Board

  • Ashton is looking for risks and good behavior. Understanding the related parties. 

  • Ashton showed a sneak peek of the website.


  • Main goal: Recruit community managers

  • There are channels for announcements and where they can communicate.

  • Community Managers should moderate the chat, responds to people and answer to people’s questions

  • Moderators have 2 works - Share updates and answer questions. 

  • How you standout in reaching out: Don’t just copy paste the message, have a good profile picture, Be respectful, Use your personal TG.

  • Always remember that they are loyal to the company they are working with..

  • Have a friendly conversation with them.

  • Just say things that are easy to understand with other people  like We’re just putting machine learning in ethereum.

  • In reaching out: Acknowledge the person’s work, Shouldn’t come across as sales message, have a Short sentence about Deeplink.

  • Show Ashton first before messaging because there are terms that can’t be understood

  • How to spot good projects - Go to, escape the first and second page, go to their telegram, see the admins in the member, you can check their pinned messages and you can see the admin, you don’t have to join in every group right away. Find the people who are active right now and say listen we have job offers. Would you be interested in supporting the project.

  • Ask them these questions: How do you deal with negative comments? How do you maintain respect with others? What is their perception or perspective in maintaining the standards in community channels? Do you ban them if they swear?

  • Have a guidelines for the community then we kick those people who will not follow the guidelines

    • No nudity.

  • Remember: 

    • Good community managers have a lot of communities to manage

    • Humble, their perspective should be sales oriented

    • How can I help my community to get what they want 

    • How can I stand out in the community with a lot of questions

    • Extremely professional to maintain the community 

    • Work on community guidelines that will post on TG and Discord

    • Should have common sense

    • A lot of like Europeans. They have good standards

    • What you can see outside that you will reply.

  • All about Community Management 

  •  Deeplink Retrospective & Weekly Sprint Planning


1-Nov- 2022

  • Deeplink Community Devt Workshop

  • Deeplink DAO Smart contract requirements

  • Deeplink Beer Game PoC BRD and initiation

Nov 2022

October 2022


  • Deeplink retrospective & sprint planning


  • Deeplink genesis workshop​

22- Oct- 2022

  • Deeplink Genesis event workshops

  • Deeplink research sprint: Sidechains and rollups

  • Deeplink Potential collaboration with (Guardian Audits)

21 - Oct - 2022

  • Deeplink sprint with Smart contract auditors (Certik)

  • Deeplink content writing sprint about Deeplink Clusters

  • Deeplink: CertiK Intro Call

  • Deeplink retrospective & sprint planning

  • Deeplink Genesis Planning Workshop1

  • Deeplink sprint with Smart contract auditors (Chainsulting)

  • Deeplink Potential collaboration with (Pessimistic)

20 - Oct - 2022

  • Deeplink sprint with Smart contract auditors (Hacken and Cyberscope)

  • Deeplink research sprint: About cybersecurity companies

  • Deeplink research sprint: Forums about trading, machine learning

  • Deeplink Standup


19 - Oct - 2022

  • Deeplink content writing sprint about Verified Contributors

  • Deeplink ICO sites and Airdrop sites

18 - Oct - 2022

  • Deeplink: ICO launch workshop

  • Deeplink sprint with Smart contract auditors (Arbitrary Execution)

  • Deeplink Standup


  • Deeplink sprint with Smart contract auditors (BlockAudit)

  • Deeplink Sprint: Smart contract audit research


  • Deeplink sprint planning

  • Deeplink Weekly Sync

  • Deeplink research sprint: Getting leads in preparation for reach out

  • Deeplink sprint planning


  • Deeplink stand up

12- Oct- 2022

  • Deeplink Sprint: Historical publicatons upload to Medium

11- Oct- 2022

  • Deeplink R&D smartcontract front end design, flow, BRD

10- Oct- 2022

  • Deeplink token page smartcontract front end BRD and figma

  • Deeplink publishing tasks

9- Oct- 2022

  • Deeplink smartcontract front end

  • Deeplink articles to be written

  • Deeplink ICO preparations

  • SingularityNET scope review

8-Oct- 2022

  • Deeplink smartcontract

  • Deeplink research sprint: Sidechains and rollups

5-Oct- 2022

  • Deeplink smart contract docu for audit

Oct 2022
Sep 2022

August 2022

30- 08- 2022


  • Deeplink: Research sprint: SOR, Dex Aggregator

  • Deeplink: Uploading Glossary on Website

29- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Research sprint: AMM, Credit Rating

  • Deeplink: Glossary​

25- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Scope and Partnership agreement with “xyz” ongoing review

  • Deeplink: Project Plan review

17- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Sprint: Regarding scope of a new project for a Verified Contributor smart contract company

15- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Research sprint: Machine learning engineers in the Logistics and Supply and Demand domain

11- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Research sprint: Scale AI data engineering and architecture design

  • Deeplink: Website check

10- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Website check

09- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Engagement scoping with a researcher

06- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Workshop with AI company

05- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Engagement scoping with “xyz” research team

  • Deeplink: Engagement scoping with a candidate for Sr RL Engineer

04- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Engagement scoping with company “xyz” for the beer game; meeting devs

03- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Research sprint: Machine learning Experts on Ethereum

  • Deeplink: Research sprint: Stanford Stock Trading Bots using LTSTM

01- 08- 2022

  • Deeplink: Website development draft

Aug 2022

July 2022


30- 07- 2022

  • Deeplink: Sprint: Sr Machine Learning Engineer for the Uniswap smart order router use case

  • Deeplink: New website prototype

27- 07-2022

  • Deeplink: Second round of interviews with the Senior ML and RL Engineers

  • Uniswap data is onto L3 Atom; includes indicators for V3 and swap data for V2; Pool data is for the top 10 pools ordered by liquidity; Tracks the top 100 on Uniswap V2

  • Set up archiving service on Redis + new archived for Uniswap indicators

26- 07-2022

  • Deeplink: Set up WebSocket event listeners for Uniswap burns, mints, and swaps

  • Deeplink: Workshop with company “xyz” about smart contract development for the Deeplink Beer game


  • Deeplink: Ongoing interview of Senior Machine Learning engineers

  • Deeplink recruitment: Did a couple of Senior ML and DL Engineer interviews


  • Uniswap Data Overhaul 

    • Now that Infura is back up can play around with a lot more requests

    • Plan on recreating their sub-graph partially with live-streaming

    • Working with Deeplink team to understand requirements

    • Going to overhaul a lot of what we have currently not happy with it

  • Deeplink: Review of the machine learning optimisation research

  • Deeplink: Shortlisted Senior ML Engineers


  • Deeplink: Researched MIT. Stanford publications about machine learning on Ethereum and/or blockchains

  • Worked on overhauling the Uniswap event listeners



  • Discussion of the Deeplink architecture

  • Deeplink: Did some research on blockchain AI protocols, running deep learning on EVM, on-chain machine learning, machine learning + blockchain


  • Deeplink: Catch up on the Workshop with “xyz” for collaboration/ poc development work


  • Had a discussion with the Uni of Canberra team regarding scope specifics and plans for the academic research about Deeplink Uniswap Custer and Uni Cluster use case

July 2022

June 2022


  • Research sprint about machine learning writers


  • Reach out to machine learning tech writers


  • Uniswap use case

  • Deeplink: Machine Learning Researcher scoping

  • Deeplink: Uni of Canberra Research scoping​​

June 2022

May 2022​



  • Building new Deeplink website


  • Creating Project BRDs for the Deeplink R&D page

May 2022

April 2022



  • Gathering of Deep reinforcement learning leads

Apr 2022

March 2022


  • Finalized a ZKroll up engagement

Mar 2022

October 2021



  • Interviewed two people for ML and sent out five invites to excellent candidates

  • Chart pattern recognition ML

Oct 2021
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