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Deeplink v1 



A multipurpose token provides off-chain computation for off-chain machine learning models 


The DKeeper is based on the ERC-721 NFT standard. Initially, these will be given to early supporters, enabling them to receive early rewards through staking, future fee distributions, and reward payouts. Most importantly, however, DKeeper holders will act as Cluster Keepers. These participants manage clusters and allocate nodes, agents, and computation power for the use cases. These responsibilities will involve voting on data feed implementations and will naturally have fees and rewards attached.

The Main function of DKeeper

DKeeper acts like a pass to Deeplink DAO to manage projects, proposals, and governance purposes. Think like web3 of Jira, a popular project management tool. Your DKeeper is the username and password (web2 version of credential) to log in to the DAO system. DKeeper will allow you to manage projects and accept and direct payments to desired wallets from the Deeplink DAO.

DKeeper (ERC-721) Allocation
  • Deeplink will issue 250 initial supplies of DKeeper.

  • 200 DKeepers will be allocated for the public sale for early supporters to support Deeplink, and 50 DKeepers for the current and future core Verified Contributors. Consider current Verified Contributors as the current team and future Verified Contributors as the future team who will work with Deeplink part-time or full-time.

  • Earlier project supporters can transfer 0.5ETH — 2ETH per address to obtain DKeeper (ERC-721). Once successfully received, the DKeeper can be used to stake for 52 weeks.

Min raise 0.5ETH x 200 = 100 ETH ($157,463)
Max raise 2ETH x 200 = 400 ETH ($629,852)

DKeeper is a Multipurpose Token.

  • DKeeper has many functions in the Deeplink ecosystem. The DKeeper holders can wear multiple hats. DKeeper holders can visit Deeplink Ground Page to access all DKeeper services.

Main Functions of the Dkeeper

Stake DKeeper to accumulate DEEP

  • All early supporters, current core Verified Contributors, and future Verified Contributors can stake and accumulate DEEP ERC-20 tokens for 52 weeks starting from the 15th of December as long as they have an active DKeeper and successfully stake their DKeeper. If someone obtains a DKeeper after six months, they can only accumulate the remaining six months.


Become a long-term contributor

  • Like becoming a core team for the project, long-term Verified Contributors are “The Core Verified Contributors.” Not only can they access many incentive programs with long-term commitments, but they will also be eligible for token allocation with four years of vesting.


Access to R&D protocol to add grants, and proposals, review proposals, approve proposals and allocate incentives

  • The DKeeper will act as log-in credentials to actively engage in R&D tasks and development work. DKeeper will use it to vote for new or old proposals and approve proposals. 


Run a DeepNode

  • Anyone can run a node, but when you have DKeeper and running a node, you can accumulate more DEEP ERC-20. 


Provide off-chain computation for off-chain machine learning models

  • Anyone can provide off-chain computation, but when you have DKeeper, you will get an additional computation power to accumulate more DEEP ERC-20. 

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