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Deeplink v1 



On-chain computational agents to discover efficient trading routes & liquidity sources.

A SuperCluster is an aggregated price feed consisting of market intelligence, market volatility, and aggregated price feed of crypto assets. This is the condensed data feed related to the L3Atom that provides information about liquidity concentration in the crypto market.

Supercluster is like a network of clusters. This is a network of programs that can be used together, and people can run nodes to validate and compute rewards. A node is a data structure that contains data and links to other nodes. Finally, a supercluster is a general purpose, and intelligent insight data feeds into the on-chain environment. 

Deeplink is focused on bringing volatility and aggregated values to the on-chain environment. It is a lightweight way of bringing a general purpose and can be tailored to different use cases in the future. Currently, the bitcoin price is known because of Supercluster.

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