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Become a Deeplink
Verified Contributor

What is a verified contributor?

The verified contributors are the developers and researchers with technical knowledge and expertise in blockchain, data, cybersecurity, and cloud technologies. These people and companies align well with the vision and technologies of Deeplink. They will support the Deeplink protocol as early supporters and adopters to help execute the project roadmap.

Check Our R&D DAO

Why become a verified contributor?

It encourages the verified contributor to think like how business analysts think. It will develop a way of framing a potential solution and make necessary recommendations to resolve the problem. It can also improve an individual's ability to explain and document accurately and grow their reputation and network.

Verified contributors are part of R&D DAO. All work you do will be done through the DAO Platform. The engagement will be public, and all acts will be recorded on-chain under L3 Atom and Deeplink DAO. Contributors will be able to showcase projects they built within the community as it is immutably recorded on the blockchain. This is a good way of showcasing the projects to clients in the future.

Being a verified contributor allows an individual to be a part of accountability and take ownership of large innovation projects. Since the work is recorded and available, it can be shared publicly. The immutability on the blockchain allows a verified contributor's name to be attached to their work indefinitely, proving their experience and skill.

You can participate in proposal making (scoping and BRD), voting, approving proposals, and working on a project until you get paid from an escrowed fund released by the main DAO treasury before the start of project building.

Verified contributors are being rewarded or incentivized by either a combination of stable coins, Ethereum, Staking Rewards, or our native Deeplink ERC20 tokens.

How does it work?

The contributors will have to turn in an application to be considered for verification. Once reviewed and if accepted, the contributor will become verified and receive an ERC-721 NFT that defines their role.

The data departments are run by five verified contributors each, and each of them will also have an NFT stating their role, similar to an employee identification.

The decentralized protocols will have a public roadmap with visible verticals. All tasks will be visible as well, with all funding pre-set into the work.

Incentives for Verified contributors

The DKeeper, the ERC-721 NFT the verified contributor will receive, comes with an identification number and the ability to stake. Staked DKeeper NFTs will then generate native ERC-20 tokens called Deep. For 52 weeks, the NFT will continue to generate the Deep ERC-20 token, which has to be claimed.


Verified contributors are incentivized by the DKeeper NFT because it allows them to begin working on everything available, maximizing compensation.

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